Milton Adler Company was founded in 1929 by Milton M. Adler, who began manufacturing hat pins in his Atlantic City New Jersey home. It quickly became fashionable to use these pearl headed pins to attach flowers to clothes, and so the corsage pin was invented. Our trademark name is Atlantic Brand®.

Now in its third generation, Milton Adler Company remains a major supplier to the wholesale florist trade, supplying basic hard goods such as corsage pins, wristlets and waterproof tapes. In 2007 we added many contemporary items to our established line, blending Trend With Tradition.

We strive to provide our customers with first quality merchandise, competitive pricing and exceptional service. These ideals have earned us an outstanding reputation in our industry.

Our products are permanently displayed at the FloraMart® showroom and the Atlantic Brand® line is proudly represented by the Pete Garcia Company. Both FloraMart® and Pete Garcia Company are based in Atlanta Georgia.


We only sell to the Wholesale Trade. Please e-mail us at corsagepin@miltonadler.com for an AtlanticBrand supplier near you.